Code Corner

CBIA and NAHB are dealing with a number of recently adopted and pending code issues. Whether it's sprinklers, plastic pipe, energy efficiency, International Code Council items or green building, these issues have a dramatic impact on the homebuilding industry.

Code Corner is designed as a an area where details on many of these issues will be available, and updates on pending regulations will be addressed. The following are some of the important documents in this area.

Fire Sprinklers: CBIA and SFM Seek to Identify Local Installation Concerns

Following the statewide requirement for fire sprinkler systems in all new homes permitted after January 1, 2011, CBIA and the State Fire Marshal are teaming up to try and identify local “add-ons” which are costly and unwarranted.

Updated Code Requirements for Attic Ventilation and Radiant Barriers

Two important code updates have come out in recent months that have impacted the radiant barrier and attic ventilation requirements under the California Building Standards Code (Title 24).

Antifreeze in Residential Sprinkler Systems

Read what the California State Fire Marshal has to say in an information bulletin. Areas in California typically impacted by freezing temperatures account for less than 5 percent of total residential fire sprinkler installations.

Energy Commission Approves Updated Compliance Software

The California Energy Commission has approved updated versions of MICROPAS (8.1) and Energy Pro (5.1), the two most popular versions of the computer simulation programs used to demonstrate compliance with the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

CSLB Bulletin: Contractor Bond Premiums

The latest bulletin from the Contractors State License Board discusses alternatives for contractors unable to secure a bond or who face rising premiums.

Fire Marshal Issues Bulletin Aimed at Reducing Sprinkler Costs

The State Fire Marshal has issued an Information Bulletin designed to help reduce compliance costs associated with a new national sprinkler mandate that takes effect in 2011.

CSLB Bulletin: Licensee Alert

The latest bulletin from the Contractors State License Board reminds licensees to complete renewal forms promptly or risk license expiration.

Commission Approves Green Building Standards Code

The Building Standards Commission unanimously approved the Green Building Standards Code over strong opposition from the environmental community and green program administrators.

Lead-Free Plumbing Law Takes Effect

Legislation passed in 2006 redefining what constitutes lead-free plumbing took effect Jan. 1.

EPA's Lead Paint Rule: What Remodelers Need to Know

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Lead Paint Rule governing the work of professional remodelers in homes where there is lead-based paint will take effect in April.

HCD Gray Water Plumbing Standards

The Building Standards Commission has adopted the Department of Housing & Community Development’s plumbing standards governing the voluntary installation of residential gray water systems. Read the standards.

Residential Energy Standards

A summary of new CEC residential energy efficiency standards.

CBIA Green Building Policy

A statement on CBIA's stance on green building and sustainability practices.

Residential State Energy Code Status

An April 2009 graphic from the Building Codes Assistance Project showing the energy code status of all 50 states.


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