Housing Starts

California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF) | Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB) has been tracking residential and non-residential permit data for the cities and counties within California for over three decades. The CHF|CIRB Report is the industry’s premier building permit, data-collecting organization in California that delivers monthly permit statistics of residential and commercial construction, receiving monthly data from more than 530 counties and cities throughout California.

The California Construction Review (CCR) is delivered each month, reporting information for the prior period. The CCR provides statewide data presented by city, county and metropolitan statistical area.

The Annual Building Permit Summary reports building permit data by residential and non-residential categories for all 58 counties and reporting cities within for the previous year, and is released the second quarter of the following year. Prior reports are available upon request.

To learn more about CHF|CIRB products and subscriptions, please visit http://www.mychf.org/go/cirb/ or contact CHF|CIRB chf-cirb@mychf.org or 916-340-3340.


2014 Housing Statistics

2014 Residential New Housing Units & Valuations

2014 Non-residential Valuations


Historical Statewide Housing Statistics

Annual Statewide Housing Starts 1954-2013

Annual Statewide Housing Starts Graph 1954-2013