Government Affairs

The Governmental Affairs division of CBIA advocates for public policies aimed at ensuring an adequate supply of quality, affordable housing available to all Californians. In doing so, CBIA is working hard to increase homeownership in California and promote a healthy, growing state economy.

The Governmental Affairs staff is the principal advocacy arm of California homebuilders, handling myriad public issues that confront the industry. Contact CBIA staff regarding specific policies and issues affecting housing and homebuilding.


The economic downturn has put California in a critical position, but homebuilders could play a major role in helping with the state's recovery. Follow the legislation CBIA is tracking this session that could help lead the state on that road.


Get up to date on all legislation currently in play in Sacramento with BUILD Trak. Also use this page to get complete listings of the Legislature, and complete rosters for every Assembly and Senate committee.

Code Corner

CBIA and NAHB are dealing with a number of recently adopted and pending code issues. Whether it's sprinklers, plastic pipe, energy efficiency, International Code Council items or green building, these issues have a dramatic impact on the homebuilding industry. Code Corner is designed as a an area where details on many of these issues will be available, and updates on pending regulations will be addressed.

Political Affairs

The most precious resource we have at our disposal is our members. Your decision to participate in the political process through CBIA-PAC will help ensure that your voice is heard when important policy decisions are being made. Found out how to contribute.


CBIA and our affiliated BIA/HBAs rely on members to help educate their policy-makers on the impacts their actions can have on the homebuilding industry. At the state level, countless people whose jobs depend on homebuilding have signed up for CBIA’s Grassroots Action Program, and the thousands of e-mails and letters they have sent have made a big difference. Won’t you join the program today?

Housing Builds Jobs

The stakes are higher than ever and a greater effort is needed to win the kind of policies and reforms that will bring about a housing recovery. State lawmakers need to hear from you about the desperate conditions in housing markets around the state. They need to listen, and they need to act. Find out what you can do to make a difference.

Government Resources

Countless state and federal agencies play a role in decisions that impact the housing industry. Use this section to locate websites and information important to our industry.