2-10 Home Buyers Warranty partners with CBIA to offer member discounts

Whether you’re a builder looking to increase sales, manage your risk or differentiate yourself in the market, a home warranty takes the stress out of home building by adding a sense of security for you and your buyers.

Structural Warranties

With newly built homes, builders and developers frequently offer home buyers a structural warranty, or home buyers may request them.

For a builder or homeowner, a warranty from a solid, insurance-backed provider gives you a contract that’s clearly defined and 24/7 customer service for questions or claims. For builders, a warranty offers a strong position in the market that differentiates your business from your competition.

2-10 HBW offers a 10-year structural warranty for new homes that includes insurance-backed structural defect coverage on qualified load-bearing components starting from the day of closing. This is the most-used and best-recognized warranty in the business.

2-10 HBW also offers one-year and two-year surety coverage on new homes. These cover workmanship for one year and systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) for two years, respectively, should the builder be unable or unwilling to fulfill their warranty obligation. 2-10 HBW offers comprehensive coverage for the majority of newly constructed home types. Ultimately, a warranty transfers the risk and adds security to a home to ensure a smooth transaction and a happy homeowner.

More than 30 years. More than 5.5 million homes.

2-10 HBW offers three decades of solid claims history, an unmatched reputation and the most specialized experience in the business, not to mention the most comprehensive coverage available.

For more information on warranty offerings and interactive demos, and to find out about discounts for CBIA members, visit www.2-10.com or call 800-488-8844.