CBIA Successfully Blocks Harmful Department of Fish and Game Legislation


Over the past months CBIA has led a large group of stakeholders to actively oppose a series of bills, which were intended to implement “good government” recommendations that came from the Department of Fish & Game’s “Strategic Vision” process – something CBIA and our members participated in.  Instead, these vehicles were used to pursue aggressive environmental objectives. We’re happy to report that last week a CBIA-led coalition has either completely removed the hostile provisions or killed these bills.


SB 1148 (Pavley):  With support fading on the Assembly Floor, the author was forced to strike recent amendments that would have given the Ocean Protection Council new regulatory authority as well as require mitigation of species through six new mitigation principles that would be used in a variety of scenarios.  With the hostile provisions of the bill forced out through a special committee hearing in the last week of session, CBIA has removed its opposition from the bill.


AB 2402 (Huffman):  The bill ran into trouble in Senate Appropriations after the CBIA lobbying effort forced the author to strip language that would have altered the “species listing” process by shifting this responsibility from the Fish and Game Commission (a more balanced approach) to inside the bureaucracy of the Fish and Game Department – with very little opportunities for fair scientific debate on the threat of certain species as it relates to land-use.  CBIA has removed its opposition from the bill.


AB 2179 (Allen):  This bill creates a “bounty hunter” scenario by incentivizing the Department of Fish & Game to administratively assess fines which would be used to augment the Department’s budget and would bypass the existing judicial process on resource violations.   Due to the work of the CBIA-led coalition this bill died on the Senate Floor the last week of session.

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