Risk Management/Safety

CBIA is dedicated to providing quality risk management and safety information to our members. It is our goal to mitigate all types of risks in our industry from work site injuries to construction defect claims.

General Liability/Risk Management

Nearly 85 percent of residential construction claims payments relate to construction defect related claims or lawsuits. California’s Landmark Right to Repair legislation (SB 800) is expected to greatly reduce the exposure to such claims by providing and efficient method for resolving issues directly with the homeowner.

It's All About Safety

We hear it all the time: “Your safety is our number one concern.” Or how about the classic work place safety sign that depicts how many days since the last work place accident? While these examples may seem cliché, they are important messages that have withstood the test of time. Read more to find out how employers and employees can develop a culture of workplace safety.


CBIA is committed to provide educational information to builders, trades, attorneys and insurance professionals on a variety of risk management areas. A variety of educational opportunities are offered through the California Homebuilding Foundation. Find out what upcoming programs are available.

California Occupational Health Indicators

A health indicator is a numerical value or statistic that helps us measure the state of health in a community or group. Health indicators can be tracked over time to tell us whether our health is getting better or worse, and where we may need to invest prevention resources. Health indicators can be compared with those of other states, the U.S. as a whole, or other countries. Using indicators over time can help us to track our progress toward improving health. Learn more

Join CBIA’s Group Programs

CBIA has partnered with State Fund to provide discounted workers compensation programs for our members. The program is open to both trade contractors and builders.

Interested BIA/HBA members or potential new members should contact their insurance broker and let them know that they want a quote for Group 40 (trades) or Group 41 (Builders). It is critical to request the quote well in advance of renewal (60 - 90 days).

Members may also request a quote online by going to www.statefundca.com and then click on “Request a Quote”. If you need further assistance in obtaining a policy, please contact a State Fund Customer Service Center representative at 888-782-8338.

Safety Matters

Learn about safety training options, including online training and “tailgate talks” by trade and much more. Courage Safety offers a variety of services that will increase safety on your jobsite.
Visit the Courage Safety site.

Safety Materials

CBIA strives to provide members with valuable risk management and safety resources. CBIA has partnered with State Fund to provide valuable safety material to members in an effort to create a safe workplace and maintain reasonable workers compensation rates. As part of this effort, the complimentary pamphlets Tailgate Safety Topics for Construction and Heat Stress are available.
Find out more.

Free Cal/OSHA Consultations

CBIA encourages its members to visit the Cal/OSHA Consultation program. During difficult economic times it may be tempting to cut back on workplace safety budgets, but California employers now have an option to obtain safety information free of charge. California has developed several programs that rely on industry, labor and government to work as partners in encouraging and recognizing workplace safety and health programs that effectively prevent and control injuries and illnesses to workers. Find out more about the program.

Other Important links

U.S Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration

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For additional information on Safety Resources you may email your inquiry to reconsafety@gmail.com.  
Specific questions on safety may also be addressed to Robert Raymer or Silvio Ferrari at (916) 443-7933.