CHF|CIRB November Permit Statistics

Year-to-date totals for new multi-family and single-family projects in November amount to 77,097 total units – a 3% increase from 2013. Although permit statistics in November for both new single-family and multi-family housing categories show a slight decrease from October totals, California continues to improve upon 2013 totals each month.

Other Highlights from the November 2014 California Construction Review:

  •  The dollar volume of residential (new construction plus additions and alterations) building totaled $ 1,988,435,524 in November 2014, up 13% from this same time last year.
  • California Construction employment averaged 697,900 in November 2014, up 4,600 from October 2014.
  • The largest project in November 2014 was a new $184 million, 451-unit apartment complex in Newport Beach with a $53.3 million parking garage included in the total cost.

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