Housing Creators


AB 1758 (Steinorth) / AB 1979 (Bonta)

AB 1758/AB 1979 would provide prospective first-time homebuyers in California a tax deduction for deposits into a Homeownership Savings Account for the purposes of a down payment or mortgage payment, which will have a favorable impact on prospective home-owners ability to buy a home.

AB 2353 (Frazier)

AB 2353 decreases the statute of limitations for construction defect lawsuits from 10 to 5. This will reduce insurance premiums and self-insured retentions and increase the availability of general liability insurance for contractors and homebuilders, thereby encouraging increased production and helping to hold down costs.

AB 2913 (Wood)

AB 2913 would extend the duration of a building permit from 180 days to 3 years. This will prevent the builder from having to go back to reapply for a new permit, submit updated compliance documentation and potentially pay new (and redundant) fees for the same homes previously approved by the local building department.

AB 3147 (Caballero)

AB 3147 would prohibit cities and counties from imposing or adding new requirements, fees, charges, or other exactions to applicants for housing projects once an application is deemed complete by the jurisdiction. This will help provide transparency and certainty in the home construction process.

AB 3194 (Daly)

AB 3194 will close loopholes that undermine the Housing Accountability Act’s applicability and effectiveness and encourage the local approval of housing projects.

SB 827 (Wiener)

SB 827 encourages increased housing production in areas with high-quality transit by exempting these areas from certain restrictive zoning standards. By encouraging the production of small and mid-rise apartment buildings, the bill will help increase supply, and could help lower prices for Californians.

SB 831 (Wieckowski)

SB 831 will incentivize the production of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) by eliminating barriers to their production. ADUs are a useful tool in increasing the number of housing units affordable to a wide cross section of Californians.